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Busted Knuckle, Unsatisfaction, and Universal Health Care

Well, I did something not too rational in either December or January; I was enraged with the stupidity I was surrounded by at University and decided it would be a good idea to take a walk and let lose some testosterone by punching various hard surfaces throughout the university residence. The adrenaline coursing through my body was so high that I didn’t notice the pain. However, when I stopped I knew my pinky knuckle on my left hand was not going to be okay come morning.

Little did I know that six months later the pain and discomfort experienced would remain the same as earlier months, and that a doctor’s appointment I had been putting off for months would leave me enraged.

I arrived at the doctors at 4:10 for my 4:20 appointment, but had to wait until 5:30 to be checked up; only double the normal wait times I’ve experienced my entire life. I got checked out, had my scan, and discovered the news; nothing was broken, the joint was injured, and I could expect to heal within perhaps three weeks. What he forgot was that it had already been “healing” for six months and that the incident had occurred in the winter months.

I quickly realized this mistake, and pointed it out. What did I get? A look of confusion. Then, an explanation; my tendon was most likely injured. Silence.

“How long will it take to heal doc? A year?”

He smiled, and gave an inconclusive answer I do not remember that essentially put my healing time in a bracket of three weeks to over a year. I walked out, but questions quickly came pouring into my head; how will I know the progress? Isn’t leaving it unprotected not helping, considering three out of seven nights I wake up and experience a throbbing pain in my left hand knuckle due to sleeping on it? If my knuckle has healed so little in six months (almost feels like it is worse some days) why will it heal at such an exponentially higher rate in the next six months?

I should have asked these questions, but hearing the holy words of the man with the PhD clearly turned my brain into ignorant fodder for a minute or two.

This is not new. Long wait times, terrible diagnoses; I have experienced it all in Canadians highly “esteemed” Universal Health Care system. Perhaps I am being too rash, but I have heard so much of the same, and my experience ever since I was a child has not changed; instead of playing with toys and waiting for far too long, I now sit in the chair and curse the service I am always being provided.

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Hip Hop, Capitalism, and Change

Hip-Hop began as a respectable movement, but has succumbed into being one of the most sold out and badly misrepresented genres of music. Hip-Hop began as a movement not only to produce heartfelt music, but was meant to be a stand against the corrupt system of society its early MCs grew up in.

New York, the home of hip-hop, was home to terrible slums, gang violence, and a strong feel of hopelessness; this was projected through the music. Many early MCs rapped from their hearts, which incidentally was filled with a brutal depiction of life living in the ghetto. Spitting real/skilled lyrics was a key property for MC survival. Beefs in this era were not meant solely to gain publicity, but had the purpose of “killing” an MCs career through proving their lack of skill, as seen in the beef between KRS-One and Boogey Down Productions.

It is quite obvious this past of hip-hop no longer remains in existence. Unfortunately, hip-hop gained great amounts of exposure, and it was inevitable its market would fall into the hands of capitalists caring about surplus and capital rather than keeping real hip-hop and the movement alive. Being a strong lyricist, having a good flow; these things were no longer required to “go big.” Now, one needed a stronger delivery and a beat able to mesmerize the ignorant masses.

Thus, it becomes quite clear that while hip-hop began as a positive movement fighting what was not right its heavyweights in terms of exposure would soon become a part of this very corrupt system. The label issue with Lupe Fiasco’s most recent album illuminates this; he was not able to put out the album he wanted, and it become the record label rather than the artist deciding the final product.

The future of hip-hop has many questions for me. While there are certain newer MCs I quite like – J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Freddie Gibbs – I think little will change, and whatever is best at the time for profit will prevail. MCs have always discussed smoking marijuana, but now it has become a strong selling suit for and is a market (Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller). It is things like this that make me fear for the future of my beloved hip-hop, and wish for a return to its past golden age.

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Who Am I?

This question is difficult to answer. I’m a nineteen year old. I’ve got a nice family and study politics and philosophy at university. I like to read, write, play video games, and socialize in smaller settings.

More importantly, I am an individual who is constantly thinking philosophically; searching for wisdom. Thus, my mind is constantly in conflict and I remain on the fence in ideology. I am not a Marxist, a Libertarian, a socialist, or anything else you can name. I am simply an individual whom is unhappy with the current state of society who finds the world to complex to pin to a particular ideology.

Despite this I consider myself to have an abundance of Marxist critiques on our current society as well as strong support for many aspects of libertarianism. I tend to have more support for smaller government over big, a conservative trait, while I am more liberal in my regards towards my fellow humans. However, as I am lost on the spectrum my beliefs are susceptible to change, and do change. While I was once strongly Marxist, I discovered I do agree with its critiques on capitalism, but disagree with its implementation of socialism. A main issue for me in search of belief has been how to balance the common good with the liberty of the individual.

I have been called a conspiracy theorist; I believe 9/11 was an inside job, have a strong belief in the New World Order,  and believe America is crumbling into a state of fascism. However, I do not like the title quite a lot due to the negative connotation it has been given. Instead, call me a revisionist and a studier of the alternative.

I am an individual whom wishes to fight for change, namely in America. Many aspects of society worry me; the limiting of our rights and freedoms, the strengthening of the police state, the War on Terror, and globalization. Monnies are being sapped from the American economy and if action is not taken America will experience brutal hardships and a more totalitarian government.

I love real hip-hop; its a form of art to me. Its passion and life experience poured out onto a suiting beat (when its in its true artistic form, which is rare). I am saddened the industry has been taken over by greedy capitalists. Hip-hop began as a movement to fight an unjust system, but now its MCs are part of that unjust system.

I believe strongly in marijuana legalization. It was made illegal due to flawed studies as well as racism and prejudice. Millions already enjoy the substance, and keeping it illegal simply fuels the endless and flawed war on terror, punishes individuals choosing to use one of the safest recreational drugs, and represents the Government overstepping what its boundaries should be.

I’ve covered a lot, but there is much more that needs to be. Much of the topics in this post will be expanded upon later.

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